Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some Photos From France

4 days, 1200 plus miles, aching wrists and numb asses, we've been to Normandy and back.

We left the Midlands at around 7.30am Friday and headed down to Dover to catch the 11.15 SeaFrance ferry to Calais. So far so good. After departing Calais our journey should have taken us down to Le Havre via motorway and then 43 miles inland to St Pierre de Mailloc, easy. Was it bollox. 7 million stops to read the map and 6 hours later we finally got there only to discover the village bar was shut and wouldn't be open until Saturday. Luckily we had the good sense to pack some beer and wine ourselves. I'll just point out at this stage that the same journey home only took us 3.5 hours!!

Our mate John's house we stopped in.

Saturday was spent getting lost round the Normandy Landing beaches, then getting lost trying to find the British War Cemetary in Bayeux of which we eventually gave up on.

Port-En-Bessin (Gold Beach)

At least we managed to find a supermarket for some much needed essentials.

The essential supplies....

Saturday evening was spent in the local village bar then back to the house for beer, wine, food, beer and then some more wine and maybe some more beers as well.

The local bar in St Pierre de Mallioc

and the result of drinking!!

Loz was having a kebab and chips moment on Sunday morning so Joey and myself headed off to Honfleur for some lunch.

Sunday hangover cure - crevettes & pepper steak

Joey with half his head missing


Honfleur is a big meeting point for bikers and definately well worth a visit. There's an amazing amount of restaurants to choose from and from what I could see on other peoples plates there didn't seem to be a bad one amongst them.

More Honfleur ....

and some more.

and some more zzzzzzz

Refuelling at The Tourist Bar in Orbec - a small medieval town with a drunk and a prostitute.

Either a cigarette break or we're lost again! (The gps lasted about 10 miles before it broke)

And that just about brings our weekend to an end. An early start Monday (5 am) saw us back at Calais for mid morning then home for 4.30.

Full breakfast on the ferry

The kings of stamina boogie on down to the jangle

The Pont De Normandy - I'm not saying a word, not one.

Posted by Mike


ANT said...

ooooh look loz!!! you love places like that bridge dont you!!! I bet you couldnt wait to ride over it!!

Mike said...

A quote from Loz at 5.30 Monday morning. "I've sussed you pair out, I know what you're up to. You're planning to taking me over that bridge aren't you? I knew you were plotting something, well I don't find it f****** funny, I haven't slept all night worrying about it, well I'm not f****** doing it, you carry on, I'm f****** going home on my own another way and it's all very well you pair laughin', I don't find it f****** funny, I'm going for hypnotherapy when I get home."

ant said...

Imagine loz as a smaller white version of Mr T "You aint gettin me on no bridge fool"

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Mike said...

I would normally delete spam postings but I think Loz might do well to check out the hypnosis site to cure his hight issue.