Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm adding a guestbook of sorts, well I'm using the comments below as a guestbook and linking to it in the links section on the right.

On another note i'm away on holiday for a week as from Saturday so there won't be any updates for a while as Loz has no internet connection, Matt will probably be dying his hair and Gaz will most likely be nursing crash wounds! I'm off to north Devon and I've discovered there's a motorcycle museum at Combe Martin so that should be well worth a visit.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scotland Bike Trip

I've dug out some photos from our Scotland trip last August and found the diary of events which I've placed in the comments section to keep the main page less cluttered.

▲ Caledonian Canal - Fort Augustus

More of the same place ▼ Does anyone reckon Loz could pass as the son of Greengrass?

It could only have happened to Gaz. That's the entire contents of our bottle of cooking oil dribbling out the bottom of his rucksack.

▲ The private beach at the campsite in Luss, Loch Lomand ▼

That'll be Gaz drunk again then!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Darley Moor

It was far too wet to get the old bike out this weekend so I went to Darley Moor instead to see some very wet club racing malarkey. For a tenner it was great value for money, at least it would have been had I taken a waterproof coat with me. Instead I stood there for two hours getting colder and wetter by the minute until I gave up and went home shivering. For more info and future events check out

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some Photos From France

4 days, 1200 plus miles, aching wrists and numb asses, we've been to Normandy and back.

We left the Midlands at around 7.30am Friday and headed down to Dover to catch the 11.15 SeaFrance ferry to Calais. So far so good. After departing Calais our journey should have taken us down to Le Havre via motorway and then 43 miles inland to St Pierre de Mailloc, easy. Was it bollox. 7 million stops to read the map and 6 hours later we finally got there only to discover the village bar was shut and wouldn't be open until Saturday. Luckily we had the good sense to pack some beer and wine ourselves. I'll just point out at this stage that the same journey home only took us 3.5 hours!!

Our mate John's house we stopped in.

Saturday was spent getting lost round the Normandy Landing beaches, then getting lost trying to find the British War Cemetary in Bayeux of which we eventually gave up on.

Port-En-Bessin (Gold Beach)

At least we managed to find a supermarket for some much needed essentials.

The essential supplies....

Saturday evening was spent in the local village bar then back to the house for beer, wine, food, beer and then some more wine and maybe some more beers as well.

The local bar in St Pierre de Mallioc

and the result of drinking!!

Loz was having a kebab and chips moment on Sunday morning so Joey and myself headed off to Honfleur for some lunch.

Sunday hangover cure - crevettes & pepper steak

Joey with half his head missing


Honfleur is a big meeting point for bikers and definately well worth a visit. There's an amazing amount of restaurants to choose from and from what I could see on other peoples plates there didn't seem to be a bad one amongst them.

More Honfleur ....

and some more.

and some more zzzzzzz

Refuelling at The Tourist Bar in Orbec - a small medieval town with a drunk and a prostitute.

Either a cigarette break or we're lost again! (The gps lasted about 10 miles before it broke)

And that just about brings our weekend to an end. An early start Monday (5 am) saw us back at Calais for mid morning then home for 4.30.

Full breakfast on the ferry

The kings of stamina boogie on down to the jangle

The Pont De Normandy - I'm not saying a word, not one.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who Needs a Map

For fear of getting lost and wasting valuable drinking time at our destination in France I've decided to attach my GPS to my handlebars. After scanning the works premises for a suitable piece of metal to make a mounting bracket I finally came across the work canteen can opener. 1 hacksaw, 1 drill, 1 grinder and half an hour later I'd engineered the required item. Now, errr, about lunch, you didn't really want a can of soup did you?

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Product Review - Luggage Mounting Rack

Loz has very kindly made a rack for my Givi top box. It's easy to bolt on and remove and it looks good too thanks to its simplistic styling. Givi luggage racks are UGLY and I reckon they'd be wise to check out the above beauty for styling inspiration. You'll have to watch this space for the up and coming homemade wing rack for my side boxes. If anyone's interested in purchasing a custom built rack contact Loz at ""

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wheelie Good Fun

Loz, Joey and myself are off to France on our motorbikes for three nights this weekend coming, so whilst having a pint after work last Friday we decided to get some one wheeled practice in just in case we suffer a puncture on our travels. You'll notice there's no pic of me on the unicycle and that's coz I can't ride the damn thing. There's no picture of Joey either and that's because he never turned up. But it worked out well in the finish coz in Joeys' absence we decided to rename him, so he's now officially titled "Matt L'Plank", and as he's coming to France with us, we'll be refering to him as "Matt L'Planche" for the duration of the trip, which incidentally is a feminine word according to my Collins Gem French Dictionary!!

On another note, I'm glad to see the caption competition is going so well. The amount of entries has been ... errr... overwelming up to now. Ant appears to be marginally in the lead at this point!!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Caption Competition

Here's a pic of Loz at some skate park somewhere in Scotland demonstrating his well tuned skills on the ramp. Before entering this brilliant competition to win a prize of unrivalled generosity please read the small print carefully as disapointment quite often offends and leads to all manner of arguements involving words your granny wouldn't approve of.

Terms and Conditions:
The winner of the JangleJangle first ever Caption Competition may or may not win a pint of beer depending on his/her agreement to buy a pint of beer back in return and be prepared to make the pilgrimage to a watering hole of our* choice (*JangleJangle team members). The closing date for the competition is 'whenever'. Entrants must be of 'childish age', like beer, curry, wine, women and song.

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