Thursday, September 28, 2006

Welsh Camping and the Bulldog

Well it’s been a while, mostly because I have no real interest in putas and also have no interweb (Loz, for the hundredth time, it's called the internet!!) access, so mike has to post this for me.

While Mike has been nursing a bad knee I’ve mostly been jangling. I’ve done 2 weekends in Wales, 1 of which has already had a small airing, about small American people and red wine.

Ant, international man of mystery shrouded in err mystery (fog)

The site pictured is just outside Tywyn in Wales just above Aberdovey heading north on the coast road and was very good albeit a bit expensive, but hey we all like a good shower and flat well maintained piece of grass to camp on. Sorry, can’t remember the name of it but its got a long brick wall running along it. Its about a mile outside Tywyn on the left just after the honey ice cream factory (on the right).

I only stopped 1 night in Tywyn and moved south down the coast, the road around the Aberdovey estuary is superb as was the scenery and the weather. Deciding at the last minute to pop in to see Jimbo who has a caravan at Clarach bay.


After a beer with Jim, a short trip south and slightly inland took me to a camp site owned by parents of a friend where I had planned to meet some friends. I seem to have lost these photos.

Jangle number 2 took Gareth, Cara and myself a little further north this time, riding up towards Betsy Coed and then coast bound towards Harlech, riding south down the coast towards Barmouth. Stopping in a basic but well chilled site, just about 4 miles out of town, guess what, no name!

After 1 night at Barmouth I headed south towards Tywyn again to meet the same friends as before. This site is not landscaped but has very clean facilities but most of all it sits right on small cliffs looking out to sea, literally 100 yards to the sea and a fantastic view of the sunset.

Neil And Sian (I had to edit this in photo shop coz you couldn't see their faces in the original, just in case you're wondering why it looks a bit funny)

Then a few weeks later Gareth, Cara and myself headed off to the 20th Bulldog Bash for a bit of music, drag racing and the odd beer, however after setting up camp and starting on the beer and food far too early we never made it to the main arena for the music, but we did see a bit of a stunt show at the side of the drag strip.

If you have ever been to any of the bashes you’ll know how much is going on, if you haven’t there’s too much to list. Just put it on your list of must do’s. Saturday was a hangover day and Gaz never appeared till 5pm!I spent the day drinking tea and wandering around the site, just mooching for interesting stuff. If you like to build or modify there will be somebody there that’s done it. Many strange and clever ideas are to be found.I’m in the throws of making a Trike for a friend and its useful to look, talk and photograph. The BSXR I found lurking in the field really caught my eye. Most cool!


A nice Quack

Camped directly behind me were a group from the Heathrow area who were most entertaining especially as Gaz was nursing excessive beer consumption. They being bob, Craig and Emily and a woman I cant remember the name of. (very sorry).

Next time bring your own tea! Thanks for the water carrier. Hope you are all well.

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I would just like to say that I have been put off of tea for life Mr.T
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