Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Junior Jangler's Training Weekend

Right then, lets hope 2010 manages to see a few more motorcycle miles than 2009.

On the May bank holiday for the previous 2 years a group of various janglers have set off to a bike do organised by two members of the Moto Guzzi club ( see previous posts of Mid-shires camp). This year saw Neil, Neil's brother Paul, Paul's son Dean and my son Zach along with myself heading off to a new venue in the Oswestry area for the 4th Mid-shires camp over. This year the venue was at a cricket club, meaning nice flat grass for camping, a club house for beer and also a very welcome full breakfast for less than a fiver.

A week and a half before this do, I had a phone call from Neil who informed me that he had done his best Steve McQueen impression and the Yella Belly was lying in a ditch somewhere in Wales very close to a place called Clatter (how very apt). After a visit to the shed, some new handle bars were handed over, some straightening of the seat rails (my homemade top box rack was so strong that the weight in the top box was enough to bend the seat rails when Neil jumped a 250KG bike 3ft in the air!)

Neil now sporting an L plate for obvious reasons.

Paul's bike is a Suzuki VX800 previously owned by Neil (I'm surprised it still looks so good)

Richard, the organiser of this weekend had arranged a ride out on Saturday morning through some stunning country side and this picture was taken at a much needed tab break.

When I said we were going camping that's not what I meant Zach !

Saturday afternoon there was once again a guest speaker who has written over 100 books on Motto Guzzi and Ducati bikes. Saturday evening was probably the most enjoyable evening of music I've had in many years with the appearance of a band called the Re-Entrants. Two Men, two ukuleles and that's it (forget Goerge Formby and youtube them). You would not believe it possible. Brittney Spears to Motorhead, just fantastic.

Once again, many thanks to Richard and Monica or a fantastic weekend.