Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Speed Cameras & Other Stuff

I constantly hear bikers & motorists moaning about the amount of gatso cameras strewned along our favourite stretches of roads and it's beginning to annoy me a little bit now. Gatsos are fairly friendly things, they're in a fixed position, you get plenty of signposts warning you of their presence and once upon them you have clear visible signs by way of road markings and bright reflective backings on the actual boxes. And if you somehow manage to get nicked by one, you can normally, and with a fair amount of ease, get away with it by asking for a photo because you're unsure who was driving/riding the vehicle at the time as you don't want to commit perjury by giving false information

On the other hand you could always get nicked by one of those mobile camera vans, you know the ones, they lurk just the other side of the bend and cop you without any warning, no signs, no warnings half a mile up the road, no nothing, and if you're in your car they take a lovely snapshot of your face too for good measure. I know which I prefer. Mind you, have you ever been tempted when on your bike to stick your fingers up at them knowing you have no front number plate and just pray they don't clock your number out the front window of the van?

On another note, I'm away on holiday Saturday and not getting back until the 4th September so the blog's likely to be a bit dormant until then, unless Ant doesn't mind uploading some pics from Loz's two recent trips to Wales and the up and coming Bulldog Bash this weekend that I'm going to miss out on Gggrrrrrr. Oh, and Gaz... you have a pile of photos too you could make an effort to upload.

Changing the subject again, it would be nice to see more comments added to this place no matter how trivial your comment may seem. The only people apart from Loz, Matt, and Gaz (who's blog it is as well as mine) and Ant (who's a friend of Loz's) that have ever contributed are Rigs (good on yer) and someone anonymous (good on you too). So don't just read, make an input from time to time, it'll be good for the blog, good for all who visit. And don't forget the guestbook, they're nice to read, and don't forget to send us some photos and/or words about places you've been or anything else of interest, just click on the link on the right (your photos) to see what to do (although you'll have to wait until September to see them on here). More input the merrier!

Hope everyone gets some good riding in of one sort or another and I'll see you next month!

Posted by Mike