Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year

I know it's a bit late but I'd like to wish everybody a happy new year and may I be the first to wish you a merry Christmas for this year. Since the last post of Loz's Iceland trip the blog's lay pathetically dormant. The main reason has been the weather. I think I've used my bike once since coming back from Scotland. There's other reasons too, like trying to get us all together for a ride out at the same time. We never seem to be all available at once. At some point last year I made a decision to keep the blog mainly for motorcycle related stuff. I'm now not so sure that was exactly the right decision. The blog after all was set up to document not only our biking activity but also all the other stuff that goes on in our lives. So I've now decided that things should go back to how they were. We need a little more fun around here.

Although the blog has been quiet, there hasn't been any shortage of stuff going on in our lives and there has been a few dramatic changes of events! Loz the stunted little hobbit has now turned forty and his Birthday led to the usual and inevitable drunkenness and silliness. I have some great photos which I'll be uploading in a day or two. Tackleberry's Valentino Rossi R1 race replica is no more. He declared the thing "Too fast" and in a moment of wisdom decided to part exchange it for a 700cc Raptor quad bike; The photos of which I'm still awaiting. Neil has sold a couple of his bikes and is now just down to the one, his XJR1300 affectionately known as Yellow Belly. Matt (Joey) has been pottering to and from America finishing off his commercial helicopter pilots licence. That last sentence wasn't exactly what you'd call a dramatic change of events but the next one is. Yesterday, Matt (Joey) finally tied the knot with lovely Ellie and they are now husband and wife. I know I'm speaking on behalf of all our friends when I say I sincerely hope the pair of them the very best wishes for the future. Now then..... With every wedding comes a party. And with every party comes alcohol. And just because us Janglers were obliged to wear suits doesn't mean to say we had to behave like gentlemen.

And it's also a mistake to give my camera to a rock star drummer (his words not mine) and say "Go get some good shots Andy".

Boy oh boy oh boy.......... Do I have some shocking photos. Watch this space.

Oh yes and one last thing. Matt (Joey) has stopped dying his hair and is greyer than Loz!