Monday, September 02, 2013

A Little Jolly To Wales

Loz and I finally got round to a camping weekend in Wales. It's been that long since I've been camping I'd almost forgotten how to pitch my tent. Still, at least I remembered to actually take the tent, which is more than can be said for the rest of my camping equipment. However, small details like the lack of camping gear are soon forgotten once you realise the coolbox is well stocked with beer and wine. 

So what did we do for the weekend? Eat curry and sup alcohol, that's what....... obviously. Not only that, Saturday we splashed out and treated ourselves to pate, chorizo, cheese and wotnot, all dressed up with, well, a salad dressing, and some green stuff believed to be called salad leaves. It's the rock n roll diet for those who realise man can no longer live on beer and curry alone.

It was on the recommendation of Loz that we ended up at Cae Du Campsite just north of Tywyn, and what a great choice of campsites it was too. Perched on a low cliff overlooking a rocky beach and the distant headlands of north Wales, the setting couldn't have been anymore idyllic.

If the weather gods are being kind the sunsets can be spectacular. Friday night was one of life's finer moments, chillin' to some music, drinking wine and putting the world to rights whilst taking in the following scene. 

Saturday night was a wetter affair (Don't take that the wrong way). However, being hardened campers, and having a canopy to keep the rain away, we still managed to sit outside until the early hours of Sunday morning quaffing yet more beer and wine. 

Sunday breakfast was as you'd expect from a lads camping weekend and needs no further introduction. 

That just about wraps up our two night jolly. Roll on the next weekend away. I'll leave you with a photo of Loz looking all contemplatory (Is that a word?) or something. Or maybe he was just secretly lobbing out his python for a discreet jimmy riddle over the cliff. Haha, jimmy riddle. Does anyone actually use that phrase any more?