Monday, October 23, 2006

Sherwood Forest

Matt, Dean and myself headed off to Sherwood Forest on Saturday to errrr, oh I remember, see a big tree and eat the worst bacon and egg butty known to man.

The day started off wet but slowly dried out as the morning progressed. I met up with the others in Rugeley and we headed along the fantastic B5013, over Blithfield reservoir and into Utoxeter. From there we took the B5030 to Ashbourne, then the great A517 to Belper and up some not so interesting roads to Sherwood.

Sherwood Forest visitors centre car park

The worst bacon & egg bap in the world

And a pretty rancid prawn baguette.

Bacon Fat

After all that stodge it was time to burn off some calories with a 10 minute walk to see a large oak tree.

Major Oak (very original name), 800 years old and propped up with scaffolding

Back to the bikes and a quick debate as to which route we were going to take back home led us to the decision to head straight back down the A38.

Well he looks like he knows what he's talking about!

And of course it was the customary after ride pint where we experienced the worst bad luck known to man...

A hailstorm which left us marooned in the pub. Life's such a bitch sometimes!

It's not what it looks like. It's the result of Dean having no waterproofs for when he's riding his bike

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