Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RAF Cosford Museum

Another fine day of weather has led to another half day off work and an enjoyable ride into the Shropshire countryside to take a peep at things that once flew.

The museum at RAF Cosford is home to around 70 aircraft. As well as war planes, there's also a great collection of missiles, some transportation and a who pile of research and development malarkey. All of which is totally free, and that includes the Cold War Museum (More of that later). There's also a shop on site and a cafe of which I haven't tested. Sat outside with a drink, I had the pleasure of a couple of jet planes thrusting up on the runway, the sound of which is far sexier than a motorcycle... unless of course the motorcycle is powered by a jet engine.

A Spitfire

A Tornado

Hawker Hind. Light bomber 1935-1943

Yokosuka Ohka single seat rocket powered suicide attack aircraft. This was primarily used against ships. The plane would be flown to the target area on the belly of a larger plane and then dropped. The pilot with the death wish would glide it in the general direction of the target, then when nearing, spark up the rocket engine and attempt to crash into the enemy.

British Aircraft Corporation TSR 2

As well as the original museum, 2007 saw the opening of the fantastic Cold War Museum.

This award winning shiny silver thing harbours the Cold War exhibition.

Handley Page Victor

What appeared to be a television company were on site doing a spot of filming (see above photo above left mirror). I would just like to apologise for firing Winnie up mid film and no doubt causing retake number 37.


Mustang said...

lovely pictures..

the yokosuka story sounds very interesting. im guessing that they dint make many of them, did they?? reckon, not many with a death wish flaunting around....

im sure you would caused a stir firing winnie up on that shoot... lol


Ant said...

You live a rock and roll life style Mike.....One week its a ruined deserted Roman village, next its a Museum, whats it going to be next of your Saga holiday, pictures of your stamp collection....brass rubbings....the list is possibly endless...i look forward to the next installment.. ;) Im on nights and feeling sarcastic and tired.....

Mike said...

Mustang - I don't think they were ever a big hit.

Ant - I'm going on a knitting course ;)