Monday, September 11, 2006

Elan Valley

A few photos from Mid Wales on Saturday. The A483 heading south out of Newtown is undoubtedly one of the finest biking roads in Wales. Unfortunately we had quite a late start due to me having to wait for my bike to be MOT'd so we didn't get chance to have a ride all around the lakes but with such good roads in the area I'm sure we'll be paying the place another visit in the future.

Dean's spanking new R6...

... and the man himself


That'll be me

Posted by Mike

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Dean said...

I have to agree with Mike on his opinion on that road its absolutely brilliant nearly as good as the adrenaline rush when you`ve just got the cross hairs on your target when that rifle is in your arms looking down the scope! Great day Mike, good ride out thanks for the call that fine Saturday morning and I must say I was impressed with the performance of that TDM 900 of Matt`s (Joey) while we were out, very good for what it is.