Monday, May 21, 2007


We've all been to Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales, spelt Dinbych-y-pysgod in Welsh. I'm not too clued up on my Welsh language but roughly translated I should imagine it means, the bitch is a piss god, what ever one of those is.

The reason for going, apart from why the hell shouldn't we go, was because Matt has just come back from Florida after taking his helicopter pilots license and he's also the big four zero later on this week.

We stopped at a campsite called Meadow Farm which was no more than a ten minute walk into town and sported some stunning views of the bay. It cost £7 per night per person and came with some toilets and a shower.

A mass gathering of jangly tents.

Friday night was spent drinking around the tents until the early hours. At around 10 o'clock it was decided to have a barbecue so Neil and Gaz headed into town to find a Spar shop to buy some burgers, sausages, kebabs etc. Ten minutes later we had a phone call to say that the shop was shut so they'd bring back some fish and chips. After a full hour and fifteen minutes they arrived back. Whether the vinegar had got up Gaz's nose or something I'm not sure but he sounded decidedly slurred! He stuck to his story all weekend though that he never found a pub, there was simple a large queue in the chippy.

Saturday morning was a full on fat laden feast of sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms and eggs, all washed down with cups of tea, or in Gaz's case, a can of Carling.

After breakfast we had a ride out to Pembroke Castle for a bit of culture.

From left to right - Neil, Ellie, Matt, Loz, me, Gaz and Cara.

It's a modern day Viking!

Seemed like a good idea at the time!

From the castle it was back to Tenby for a mooch round town to find a pub.

Tenby sea front.

Matt and Ellie.

▲Whilst we all popped to the pub, Neil did a vanishing act. Unbeknown to us he was accosting a little lad's spade to do a bit of sand writing.▼

It says - Mat, and underneath, 40th. I'm not sure who wrote 'smells'.

Back at the campsite and a couple of beers later it was time to impress the quiet campers with our skills at stunt riding.

That's me.... Who needs a surfboard?

Neil looking very stylish.

Loz trying to get some blood to his head.

Seven people on a bike... no problem.

That's Neil at the back attempting some grass skiing.

Gaz demonstrating some superb balance.

Well it was bound to end up in tears. Not much damage apart from a broken indicator.

Before any more damage to bikes was done it was decided to start building human pyramids.

Saturday night. Loz doing his finest Kenny Rogers impression. Either that or he's in pain.

We all went for a curry late on in the evening. Gaz, fuelled by alcohol excelled himself at the curry house and should be proudly entered in our book of fine dining experiences. That's one for another day!

We all left to ride home at different times on Sunday morning. Loz, Neil and Dean left at 9.30 and took a route back up the west coast to Aberystwyth then cut across inland to home. Matt, Ellie and myself left at 10 and headed up through Abergavenny, Hereford and Worcester. The A4013 between Hereford and Worcester is a fantastic road for bikes. Gaz and Cara.... well I have no idea. When I left, Gaz was refusing to get out of his pit.

All in all a fantastic weekend. Roll on the next one!

Comment of the weekend goes to Ellie for suggesting we all "put ourselves on her face"..... Don't ask!

Drunken display of the weekend without doubt goes to Gaz..... a sterling performance!

Winner of Saturday nights farting competition is still awaiting the votes.


LOZ said...

ellie's comment was rather funny, but what about gaz's after mat described the fear factor of death when flying helicopters
was his reply

Ali said...

10 minutes to find the Spar shut and an hour and 15 mins to buy fish and chips.... sounds reasonable to me!!!!!

Love the phtoos, shows what a crazy bunch you all are.

Thx for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Mick, you know full well who won Saturday nights competition, remeber my tent was down wind of you !! And Loz gets a Sony award for his sterling impression of a Massey Ferguson all night... :-)

A fine jangle and soon to be another member of the over forties jangling Clan... welcome aboard Mat.


Dean Tackleberry/Sniper biker said...

Awesome weekend, as good as it gets, but come on we all know the real highlight was Gaz shouting "SOME HELP PLEASE" with a motorcycle of well over two hundred kilos on top of him on the field not that I would ever wish for that to happen in any normal circumstances, ride safe everyone. What was the round figure of the 7 of us on that bike again, 500 kilos, maybe a XJR is worth its money then aey!

ellie said...

And the award for the best picture goes to ..........

Mike's ass!!!

Thanks, that made my day ;)

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend, if ever you need someone to make up the numbers ......

Miss Understood said...

I could do with a weekend like that.
I agree...the ass shot was by far the best :)

Mike said...

Loz - Could only have come from Gaz.

Ali - Remind me never to send you out for fish and chips. Not that it's likely! Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera into my luggage so I only had my phone to take pictures with but they didn't turn out too bad.

Neil - You should have shut your roof vent. I did pick up on Loz's snoring!

Dean - Why didn't anyone get a photo of the crash?

Ellie - It made your day? I hope that wasn't because you couldn't stop laughing at the size of it? And hell why not, tag along. You wouldn't disappear for an hour and a half whilst fetching fish and chips would you? Oh and what you like in farting contests?

Elaine - I encourage everyone to do the same and moon. I should set up a new thing in blogsphere called Moon Monday. What do you reckon?

paddy said...

I can hear Gruff Rhys singing gyrru gyruu gyruu in the background.
7 quid a night, a bit stiff for a field. I'd want to take the bay away with me for that.
Castle looks the part no doubt. Great photos, the beach looks stunning...I bet I could swim on that beach with no problem! Ha!
Y;-) Paddy

Mike said...

Paddy - I already have the paddling pool ready for you!

ellie said...

Looked perfect to me ;) and thanks for the invite, I can't guarantee that I won't go awol on the fish and chip run, especially if there is a distinct wiff of gin in the air.
As for the farting competition I have already commented on male 24 per day vs female 12 per day but what I lack in quatity I make up for in quality, and that does not just apply to the farts ;)

Peter said...

Looks like you all had a great time, photos look better now on here rather than your phone. Love the antics, nice to see you were all acting like helmets, white ones that is, what a display (team).

savannah said...

what a fun group! :D

Anonymous said...

laughing my head off at the welsh translation. too funny :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Looks a great time!

Mike said...

Pete - About time you did a few tricks on your bike don't you think? I'll take the photos. What do you reckon?

Savannah - Don't be fooled by the pics, we're all a right boring lot really ;)

Kate - I thought I excelled myself. If anybody tells you Welsh is a hard language to understand don't believe them.

Mrs Nesbitt - Hi and welcome, yeah it was a good little weekend away... bit cold on the evenings though. I thought I'd pop in and have a look at your blog... You must hold the record for the most blogs owned by one person. I didn't know where to start. I'm working on it though.