Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wall (Letocetum) Roman Town

Yesterday, with the weather being dry, bright and positively spring like, I decided it was about time, and long overdue for my first proper jangle of the year. So, after 'chucking a lovely' from work I donned myself with a helmet, leathers, gloves and a full tank of fuel and cruised the grand total of five miles (Yes you did read that right) to Letocetum, known nowadays as Wall.

It's strange how I've lived around here most of my life yet never bothered to visit this sizeable chunk of Roman rubble until now. Or is it strange? Here's one for you... I love Burger King, yet when there was a BK restaurant five minutes from my house I never bothered eating there. Come to think about it, nor did anyone else, which is probably why it eventually closed down. Anyway, I digress. Wall was a small Roman town on Watling Street (A5), which was the principal road from London to Wroxeter, near present-day Shrewsbury. Archaeologists have managed to unearth, surprise surprise, a bathhouse and what was once a large, probably two storey building with a courtyard that was likely to have been some kind of hostel for travellers; this, according to the plaque was called a Mansio.

The grassy area was once the hot room in the bathhouse

More of the bathhouse complex

I can't remember what this bit was......

.....Nor this bit

The Mansio courtyard

The Mansio, or rather what's left of it

The site is managed by the National Trust and is totally free to enter. It also has a museum but it was closed when I was there.

In accordance with me getting my bike out the garage it eventually decided to rain when I was on my way home. Luckily for me though, I managed to find shelter in a drinking establishment until things brightened up a bit.


Loz said...

thats more like it... a pile of rubbish .... and some run down old buildings !

ellie said...

3 cigarettes and a pint! That was one heavy April shower!
Those Romans left their rubbish all over the place, obviously thats where fly tipping began.

Mike said...

Loz - I don't think anybody actually ran over the buildings.

Ellie - The empty pint glass and the 3 cigarettes had nothing to do with me, but I decided to keep them in the shot because when we look back at that picture in ten years time, we'll all be saying "Gosh, do you remember the days when we were allowed to drink pints of beer and smoke outdoors. Ah the good old days before dictatorship totally ruined the country and the lives of those who live there".

Miss Understood said...

I know people who live less than 100 miles from Niagra Falls and have never been. Weird, ain't it?

Neil said...


so that's what it looks like, passed by a million times with the thought , "one day I must.....you know how it is" .

Pints and fags is the least of your worries, if the politicians carry on down their current route Winnie will become an endangered species ! but fear not, The chances of number 10 stopping us pulling our right wrist off (careful how you interpret that !)are as likely as a furry thing running round Satans gaf. So in true jangle spirit lets poke one in the eye for all the good old boys by pulling a stonkin wheelie at speeds in excess of three digits down that euro charging piece of tarmac,with woodbine dangling from the corner of our grin and a scantily clad maiden clinging to the back drinking a yard of ale, and yes I mean a yard not one of those fancy 100cm thingys. :-)

Mike said...

Miss U - It is a weird thing. It happens all the time. Have you ever been to Cheddar Gorge?

Neil - Sounds great in theory but I have difficulty pulling a twenty mile an hour wheelie let alone one in excess of three figures. I don't think the scanty clad maidens would be too impressed with that one.

Reyna said...

Good words.