Friday, June 30, 2006

Dream Garage

I've been a bit hacked off and jealous of other bike riders of late as I did my knee in several weeks ago on holiday and I haven't been able to ride my bike since. We're supposed to be going to Wales for a weekend in 2 weeks and it's touch and go if my knee will bend enough to get my foot on the footpeg. It doesn't help when you get a text from Loz on a nice sunny day explaining that he's gone for a ride out and is sat on a lovely beach somewhere, so cheers for that! Anyway, whilst waiting for my knee to slowly recover I've been planning my dream garage for when my lottery numbers come up. So here goes...

First off I'm going to have to keep my Blackbird as it's still a great touring/ long distance mile muncher and I can't think of anything that would do the job better despite the design being ten years old.

Next up I could do with a KTM Super Duke for damn good all round thuggery, and it looks cool too.

Then I could do with a Buell Lighting for those days when you fancy riding something a little bit different.

Then I'd need a KTM 525s for some off-road hooliganism.

A garage just wouldn't be complete without a piece of Bologne, especially a modern day classic like an original 916 sp. I've been trying to find one that's totally original and low mileage for a few months now and haven't been able to find one. If anyone comes across one let me know.

I could do with an MV Augusta as well but couldn't we all...

and a gixer 1000 in the event I decide to do a track day as I'd feel less guilty about sending it down the road than I would my MV.

Then I'd need a GS1150 just in case someone suggested we go for a trundle around the planet.

My life wouldn't be complete without a Manx Norton to ogle, polish and drool over.

And finally, last but not least I'd definately need an Orange County Chopper to arrive at the local pub on.

Next week I might do a list of bikes I definately wouldn't have in my garage, and before anybody suggests it, no I won't simply list all Loz's purchases. That would be far too easy!!

Posted by Mike who's dreaming coz he never does the lottery.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chicken Strips

If you check out Loz's t-shirt you may well be forgiven for thinking it's implying something rude, which must be why women ignore him when he's wearing it and have a tendancy to throw drinks over him, slap, punch, knee him in the lower regions or spit on him and at the very least accuse him of being a pervert. (They don't really, I made that up, they actually like to cuddle him and stroke his hair like they would to their pet weasel) but never the less people get the wrong end of the stick.

So I've decided to enlighten the population and explain the true meaning. A "chicken strip" is in fact the unscuffed edge of the tyre that never gets to see tarmac unless you ride like a hero , which I'm afraid I don't as the below picture shows.

Posted by Mike

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Missing Photo

Now then now then! Mike seems to be enjoying himself! Under the influence? Who knows!! G
Ok ok here's the missing photo, everybody happy now? And before anybody asks, I was that man, I was Jimmy Page strumming to the rift of Ramble On. Oh hang on a minute, maybe I was John Bonham pounding out some paradiddles, bugger if I can remember! And before I forget, there's no point getting on to me about "someone's great navigation skills that took us in to London by mistake, a twenty mile trip that nearly caused me to run out of fuel" when someone who shall remain nameless took the wrong turning 7 miles from home that cost us 15 minutes to get back on track!

Caption Competition Winner

It's been tough, the competition was errr... shall we say "not very competetive" but after a short discussion a verdict was reached and the winner of our May Caption Competition( ) by way of a unanimous vote goes to Ant for his extremely witty (pretending to cough with hand over mouth whilst uttering the word bullshit) comment. So well done to Ant, and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your prize, and a big thumbs down to Loz for not photographing the occasion as I'm sure Ant would dearly loved to have had a mug shot of himself proudly displaying his prize on our Blog!!

Posted by Mike

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fit up

Friday afternoon in the pub turned out to be the usual round of piss takes and criticisms until Loz got on his soap box (no height jokes please) , accusing Mick and I of wine snobbery in France. See we don’t always talk about sex and motorbikes, although these may have been mentioned.
As arguments go this one got heated and immediately turned to me and the fact that I haven’t been looking at this website (obvious connection eh).

Well I have looked at it and I have been framed and right royally fitted up.

In my profile there is a cracking photo of my bike in the sunshine and Mick goes off on one of his moments that make a tangent seem straight about cat pooh
No mention of someone’s great navigation skills that took us in to London by mistake, a twenty mile trip that nearly caused me to run out of fuel
Then strapping a car sat nav to a bike it’s not going to last more than ten miles is it
There appears to be only a photo of me pissed dancing and making a fool of myself. Loz had a kebab and chips moment and went to bed at twelve but where are the photos of Mick
Talking of missing photos where is the one of Mick crashed out on the ferry

We are off to Wales soon and I shall be expecting a more fair representation of the trip. No doubt we will stop every ten minutes for a fag break and I’ll end up with a mouth like a burnt out fuse box again but then, that is what the beer is for.
We tried to convince Loz to tow a trailer behind his bike with all our stuff in I hope he remembers!

Matthew (joey)

Friday, June 16, 2006

VMCC Open Day

Curborough Sprint Track -

Bank Holiday Monday saw us with sun and scattered showers for the VMCC open day. This event was only small but as it's on my door step I thought I'd take a ride down. The VMCC had organized a selection of vintage and classic motorcycles for what they call rider training. This allowed visitors to take one or more of these deathtraps on a shortened section of the track (well lets face it, they're not likely to make it all the way round a full circuit are they? - Mike). All this fun for a tenner! However, I guess I never read the small print in whatever publication it was advertised in and I didn't realise it had to be pre-booked, and when I got there, there were no spaces available. There was also a regularity trial which I believe to be about lap times and consistency, not necessarily the fastest. There were some lovely looking machines but also some rough looking ones which I personally like to see as it proves these bikes are used well and maintained as necessary, not kept as living pictures!

A splendid Triton

Here's one of the Triton in action

This shining example of an early Harley was going rather well on the track and saw sparks trailing from its under carriage on the bends.

That'll be a surprise breakdown then will it?

On another note a scooter of some description arrived and for a moment I thought mike had turned up!

Can’t see much difference between this and his Blackbird. Fairing, screen and top box, just the same if you ask me!

Posted by Loz

Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Fabrication

I've just got back off holiday after staying an extra week making the most of the nice weather. Loz has been busy making another homemade Givi luggage rack for his XJR1300. You'll notice he's addded a couple of cross members in case he wants to strap anything else to it. I reckon if he'd added another 2 or 3 to make a better platform it would be the dogs doodahs. I can see a modification to mine coming on shortly, eh Loz? if you'd be so kind me old fruit.

Posted by Mike