Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's With The JangleJangle

We've decided that now's the time to reveal just where the name JangleJangle came from just in case anyone may have wondered. It all started during a conversation about Honda's Goldwing when somebody piped up "that's not a motorcycle, that's Jimmy Saville's chair, that is!" It was a fair comment as both are heavily laden with gadgets and compartments, and as can be clearly seen in the photo below, there is a striking resemblence in looks.

Now as we all know, good old Jimmy was laden with gold bracelets adorning his wrists, and so it was theorised that the reason Goldwing riders prefer to give you a fully fledged wave of the hand instead of a subtle nod of the head whilst passing you in the opposite direction is for the following reason.... They aren't in fact waving at all, no, what they are actually doing is jangling their jewelry. So nowadays when ever we see a Goldwing rider, instead of nodding, we join in the spirit of things and jangle our wrists in return. This they are most appreciative of!

To make things easier for you to understand when reading some of our blog entries, I've compiled a short and easy to read dictionary in order for you to fully understand what on earth we're rattling on about:-

Jangle - Ride (i.e. Going for a jangle)
Jangling - Riding
JangleJangle - The Goldwing rider jewelry shake of the wrist upon meeting fellow bikers
King Jimmy - The rider himself
King Jimmy's Grandad - Any Goldwing rider with a sidecar, and/or trailer

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Lol said...

I think I prefer the mystery ;-)