Monday, September 25, 2006

Destination Stratford...

... via all manner of places. Saturday morning saw a gathered gaggle of bikes outside Gaz's house ready for a jaunt around the Midlands and on to Stratford-upon-Avon. So after about a half hour of waiting for Gaz to do the night befores washing up and a decision to buy himself a dishwasher we were off travelling through and out the other side of Wolverhampton for a pitstop at the Crooked House for photos.

A wonkey building with Gaz, Dean, Matt and Cara (Gaz's Girlfriend)

From there it was a trundle down to Severn Valley Railway for a quick look over a few steam engines.

Then it was over to Stourport for a nice cup of tea in some tea rooms.

Ah yes, the peace, beauty and tranquility of the place...

... spoilt by some lout frightening the old biddies by leaping over the canal lock.

If I'm honest he was ever so slightly encourage to do it by a group of people (that'll be the rest of us then) who really just wanted him to fall in as it would've made a good photo for the blog.

A superb "beer sponge" - Gaz's words, not mine. A hefty bacon, mushroom and cheese baguette.

Once refuelled we headed over in the direction of Droitwich to pay our respects to the late, great John Bonham, legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin,

Rushock Parish Church near Cutnall Green

and onto his once local pub for a nose around and some liquid refreshment.

The New Inn, Cutnall Green. The place also features in The Song Remains The Same (great movie the band released)

Then all we had to do was jump on some A road and head to Stratford, easy? Not for us. A ride out wouldn't be a ride out without getting totally lost and completely off course. But an hour or so later things were back on track and we eventually got to where we were supposed to be going.

This'll be Stratford then - rivetting!

Things are looking up, the Dirty Duck is opposite and down a bit from the Royal Shakespear theatre and inside the walls are littered with signed autographs of famous people who have frequented the place.

Dean (right) shortly after learning that in his absence Cara had taken a look at his bike tyres and promptly declared they had "the worst chicken strips she had ever seen!"

Anyway, bored of the insults and all round micky taking, when you're sat in a Egon Ronay restaurant there's only one thing to do, and that's check out the grub.

It's goats cheese and what not stuffed tortillas and a cheese board, easily meeting the Jangle Benchmark Quality Standard.

That just about wraps up our days events. From Stratford it was a none stop blast back home... well, via our local pub for the obligatory end of a ride out pint

Posted by Mike


Dean said...

Right punk, lets get one thing straight I pushed you just as hard as Gaz did on the way home on my R6 and your supposed to be on legendary tanks. Although I do think you keep your 2 wheel winebago m/cycle in good shape I took an excellent picture of it the other day or was that the goldwing or maybe the pan european. I can`t be too sure they all look the same, blackbird, pan european, goldwing I`m sure you would agree Mike. But if you have a look around I`m sure you might just find that pretty picture on the site sooner or later!

Ant said...

oooooh!!! ladys please!!!its funny until somebody gets hurt!! it will all end in tears!! but to be honest Dean my nan could get a bike over further than you, and she's been dead 2 years!!

P.S (Im only joking as your bigger than me!!)

Mike said...

Bring on the piccy young mr Tackleberry. Ant's right though, we don't want it all ending in tears, but what Ant doesn't really know is, we do actually ride in a safe manner and don't actually ride that fast (Gaz excluded who's a bit like a loose cannon). Now Dean, as an older wiser person than your good self, let me give you some advice, stick your bike on a paddock stand, start the thing up, shove it in first and apply a brick to your chicken strips! On another note, I was talking to Loz last night, he'll probably tell you, but the weather for our weekend camping is looking decidedly wet so it looks like being a postponement unfortunately but don't get making any other plans just yet.

Dean said...

Ok boys nothing ever ends in tears when your talking about my riding, I hope. As for you Ant get a bike before you even consider taking the mick again, and Mike I have more respect for my bike than your brick work ideas. What did you mean by don`t go planning anything else because I agreed with Loz about dodgy weather, I`ve also been off work and I was pretty sure that if we didn`t make it this weekend that would be the year over for full weekend jangles because of myself, Loz and Gaz working shifts?