Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Jangling Update

It's been a while since any posts were put on here which is a disgrace really. But for various reasons there hasn't really been a lot to report on the biking front. I sold my bike early on this year to raise a bit of money for a business venture and since then I've lost the urge to ride a bike and have wrapped myself up in photography, a passion of mine. I said in an earlier post way back this year that Neil had sold Yellow Belly, his Yamaha XZR 1300. This was miss reported as I misunderstood which bike he had sold. To cut a long story short, Neil lent me his bike just after I'd sold mine so I could go on a bike rally with Loz, and due to Neil working away for most of the year his bike has sat in my garage ever since. A few weeks ago I was in my car one Thursday travelling to Wales to take some photos when Loz came past on his motorbike loaded up with all his camping gear. So we pulled over, had a chat and I decided that the following day I'd jump on Neil's bike and meet up with Loz in Wales for an overnight camp. Riding through Wales on a blistering hot Friday I realised just how much I'd missed riding, and my love of riding was restored. I also realised just how nice it was to ride a comfy "sensible" bike where a gentle plod is the order of the day. The bike was so comfy, I suffered with no aching wrists or numb arse which ultimately allowed me to concentrate and enjoy my riding a lot more. This made me take a whole new look at what bike I would buy next and I decided that rather than buy a Triumph Sprint ST, which I'd got my heart set on, I might just purchase an XJR instead. Since then Neil has mentioned he might sell his bike through lack of use so it's a possiblity I might end up with Yellow Belly. If not, I'm still most likely going to buy an XJR. This will no doubt come under ridicule from Gaz and Dean the speed freaks.

Talking of Dean, this year he has bought and sold more bikes than I can remember and is currently bikeless as he's gone and bought himself a Saphire Cosworth.

The only bike trip of note this year is when Neil took Loz's Yamaha XT to Norway but as yet I haven't seen any photos or heard much about the trip.

So that's about it really, just like last year it's been a fairly lousy year so far for biking so things can only improve. And I'll make a concious effort to post more stuff on here in the future.