Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wye Valley

Have you ever arranged to go for a ride out then spent the first hour of the journey thinking "I really don't want to be doing this"? Well that was Matt and myself yesterday morning. It was cold and I don't know which was more foggy, our minds from the previous nights over indulgence or the weather. Anyway, after a truely unpleasant ride through Walsall to get onto the M6/M5 we eventually got ourselves onto the A449 (M5 junction 7) towards Ross-on-Wye, passing Malvern along the way and having a rest in a pub carpark at a place called Much Marcle.

If ever you fancy being taken around in a horse drawn cart Much Marcle seems to be the place.

From Ross-on-Wye it was the A40 to Monmouth stopping at Symonds Yat for a brew and a bite to eat.

▲Rose Cottage, Symonds Yat▼

It's a bacon and brie baguette - Keep a look out for a link on the right, I'm just in the middle of creating the "Beer Sponge League"

Once refuelled with a colesterol overdose, followed by an unloading of excess ballast (sorry, probably a bit too much information there) we were back on the bikes taking the A466 from Monmouth to Chepstow stopping at Tintern Abbey along the way. I'm not sure which was in a state of most disrepair, the road surface or the Abbey but it was a very pleasant road none the less.

Founded in 1131 by the monks of the Cistercian order (the Abbey, not the bikes)

They sure seemed to know how to carve a bit of stone in those days.

I was hoping to see a bit more of the area but Matt needed to get home because he was taking Ellie out, but there's always a next time. On the way home we took the excellent A48 out of Chepstow and joined the M5 at junction 11 and were in our local pub for the customary after ride pint 1 hour & 25 minutes later!!

My eldest daughter Sophie thinks she's being left out and wants her piccy put on our blog....

Two little beauties!!!

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Rig said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time, and your right about the A48 being a great road.