Thursday, April 27, 2006

Product Review - Throttle Rest

This nifty little device is designed to reduce aches, pains, cramps etc from your right wrist which can sometimes be had (amongst other causes) from riding for too long over long distances. It's made from plastic, has no nuts and bolts and simply wraps itself firmly around your handlebar grip. I've riden around a hundred miles or so since attaching it and after the initial first few miles trying to get it at just the right level I found it to work brilliantly. So if you suffer from crampy wrists the above gizmo can be had from for roughly the price of 2 pints of lager. However you'll be stung an additional 2 pints worth of coinage for delivery! But hey, so what, it's a winner. I'm giving it a JangleJangle 4/5 which is the highest score given to something that can't be smoked, drunk, eaten or shagged!

Posted by Mike

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bikes we used to own

Here's a few scans of some of our past rides. Starting with my (Mike's). My first bike was a Honda VFR400 NC21 import. It was a nice looking bike in its day but handled like a crock of shit, I think it had something to do with dodgy front forks. I never managed to solve the problem so decided the best cure was to sell it.

From there my riding took a sensible turn and I ended up buying a shaft driven Suzuki VX800. It lasted about 12 months before I sent it down the road. It sort of completely wrote it off and with only tpft insurance I flogged it to Loz (from now on refered to as Kebab & Chips but that's another story). After a new petrol tank, various other parts and a dodgy brush painted black paint job it was back on the road. If you look closely below you'll notice the cans were never replaced.

Then it was on to a Bandit 6 with a nice loud can. I loved the thing to bits but after a week touring round Scotland last August I came to realise it was time for something new, something a bit more capable for touring and something with a few more stomping stallions between the wheels and that came in the form of a nice new Blackbird pictured somewhere below on this page. I liked the bandit so much I regret flogging it now and wish I'd kept it for tatting around on. You can never own too many bikes you know, a good lottery win and a large garage would sort the problem.

Onto Joey's bikes now. He hasn't been riding long but has still managed to own 3 bike (2 of them brand new) in the last 2 years. His first, which I haven't got a picture of yet was an old wrecked GPZ500 purchased off Gaz who obviously saw him coming. To be fair though it probably managed about a hundred miles of gentle pottering about before it completely died. Next came a brand new Suzuki SV650S and after a couple of hundred miles and a trip to the Lake District he declared it "unsuitable for my needs" and promptly swapped it for a brand new TDM900 which is pictured somewhere down below.

Kebab & Chips has had more bikes than the amount of years he's been on this planet so I've selected a pic of his Trumpet Tiger 110,

his RD250 which holds great memories for both of us

and his home made trike constructed from the front end of his old GS650 and the subframe and engine from an old mini van he used to own. Bet ya'll jealous you ain't got one!!!

Gaz's photos are gonna have to wait coz he hasn't sorted any out yet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Introduction

I guess the first thing to do here is introduce ourselves!

So this is me (Mike, the handsome devil)

and this is my Honda Blackbird 30 minutes before I parted with a pile of money and bought it.

This is Loz. You might recognise him as the old geezer Wade Garrett from the film Roadhouse.

Here's Wadey boys mode of transport in the form of a Yammy XJR1300. He also owns an XT600 and an old Triumph Tiger 110

Next up we have Matt who's now more commonly refered to as Joey (from Friends) because for most parts he's an out of work actor

and here's a pic of his TDM900 prior to being dropping in his garden. (amendment for spelling/grammar error ref: dropping. Should be dropped. It was never actually meant to mean that it was his bike prior to being a pile of shit/pooh etc in his garden!! That doesn't mean to say he hasn't got any pile of shit/pooh etc in his garden because he might have. I for one have some from my neighbour's cat which I shall lob back over the fence when it stops raining and they put their washing out!!

And last but by no means least, here's a mug shot of Gaz who's clearly under the influence of something

and this is his ride, a Gixer 1100. Incidently I believe it to be the only bike he's owned that he hasn't fell off!