Monday, July 30, 2007

The Mucky Duck

Gaz and I went for a ride yesterday and surprise surprise ended up in a pub affectionately known as the "Mucky Duck" at Fradley Junction. The pub used to be a popular spot for bikers but now the numbers have dwindled somewhat, however you'll always find a few there on a sunny day.

Along the way I managed to take a few shots of Gaz getting his knee down. In case there's any nice policemen out there reading this I'd just like to point out that obviously none of the photos were taken on public roads. No, in fact all of them were taken on private property.... Honestly!

I'm saving the best photo of Gaz until Wednesday. All will be revealed soon.

The canal outside the Mucky Duck


Ali said...

Love the bike photos.. I was going to do bike for Wednesday, but I have a back up plan!!!

Now get that 'A is for ...' shot up Mr.

Rig said...

I also used to go here a couple of years ago and I also ended up taking my wife there on the bike last Thursday.

As always Mike, some great photos

Miss Understood said...

Great pics! I do like a bit of scuffy leather :)

loz said...

so he fell off !

loz said...

oh good some bike stuff and water pikies !!

Mike said...

Ali - You'll have to wait until Wednesday to see my A and B. Are you doing a B for boobs?

Rig - It's lovely down there. Did you have anything to eat when you were there? I wouldn't mind knowing what the food is like these days.

Miss U - You can't beat it.

Loz - Nope he never fell off.

Ali said...

Mike ~ If I could find a decent pair I could have hey! lol.

Dean Tackleberry sniper biker said...

We wouldn`t be able to tell the difference in the bike anyway if he had fell off, when was the lastime gaz picked up a sponge and bucket heading towards his bikes? That little GSXR6 won`t keep up with my R1 anyway!