Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ace Cafe London

(Written by Loz)

Saturday evening whilst watching the England v France rugby world cup semi final I had one of those mad hair brained ideas that I should go and visit one of motorcyclings iconic landmarks, the Ace Cafe.

The cafe was popular in the 50's and 60's with bikers and today the theme of the cafe still keeps its roots. The cafe is situated on the old north circular route in London......... Oh dear, this will be interesting! As it turned out it was really easy to find but the journey down was just mind numbingly boring (M1) all the way to the end.

The Ace Cafe has its own website and on there you will find directions and a very full calender of events. Sunday is a general bike meet day, but this week there was the addition of a Vincent and Vellocette meeting.

Check out the reg number on the front mud guard....... I want it!

A cracking Norvin (Norton frame/Vincent engine)

A lovely Vincent


Mike said...

Was the food any good?

ellie said...

All that way just to see if they were interested in buying the recipe for .... Caribbean Chicken with Mediterranean vegetables?
It must taste better than it looks!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, my sort of bikes. I grew up surrounded by Velo's, Vincents and Nortons. This is like a trip back to childhood for me. Dads pride and joy was a racing velocette that used to belong to a man named Slaughter, weird name but a beautiful bike.

neil said...

That Norvin is enough to send a man weak at the knees !! Nice pictures captain.

Loz said...

mike- the food was good, i opted for the english breakfast but they had a fairly large menu of cafe style sustainance.

ellie- they would go out of buisness if they took as long as we did to cook it.

kate- my sort of bikes too, however my body has been spoilt by smooth,comfortable,reliable and fast japanese bikes. my triumph only see's daylight when i open the garage to get one of the others out....... i ought to put that right.

neil- that Norvin !!!!!!! nothing else to say