Saturday, September 10, 2011

Motorcycle emptiness !

A much needed up-date. Part 2
Our previous post of hoping 2010 would see more miles than 2009 ended in disaster ! when what actually happened was we did less.
Mike has still not replaced his Blackbird with anything other than gadgets for his camera, Neil has either been busy working away or rebuilding his Triumph, Gaz has moved house and I've been reintroduced to canoeing, which was a big part of mine and Mikes life from our late teens to maybe early thirties.
Myself and Neil did manage the 5th Mid-Shires camp over, again a fantastic weekend organised by Richard and Monica from the Moto-Guzzi club.
In July i did manage a week long trip to Ireland, but due to the awfull weather i didn't risk removing my camera from the 3 plastic bags that were protecting it, other than at the Giants Causeway

exactly the same rock formation as the photo from Iceland from behind the waterfall !

(only one letter different in the names so why not ?)