Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday Night

Friday night as always turned out to be another drunken affair with much of the usual insults, micky taking and a good bit of sillyness...



Me again

And Ant

But the real purpose of this blog entry is because our mate Dunken reckons he's a good likeness to a well known TV celebrity all be it a bit of a fatter version. So we're putting it to the test and seeing if anybody can work out who he thinks he looks like.

It's all in the angle apparently

Yes yes we know it's going to strangulate them but just get your trousers yanked up as high as they'll go!!!

Anyone worked it out yet?

Posted by Mike


Mike said...

Ok as nobody has guessed, it's time for a clue. He works in the music industry and he's not the most popular of TV personalities.

Cara said...

I know, I know it's Simon Cowel(is that how you spell it)I know I'm right cos his trousers are so high!

By the way Dean has huge chicken strips the size of a red dwarf

Dean said...

Maybe Cara but the only way you managed to pull away from me on the back of that heap of shite gaz rides was with that 1100 engine hence the excellent engineering of my stunning R6.

Gaz said...

You are joking Upright!
With no disrespect to Loz whatsoever, He could leave you for dead on the bike he's had longest(and we all know thats a 1960's Triumph!!)