Friday, March 16, 2007

I Blame It On The Useless Mirrors

Here is another little video of Nick's from a good many years ago. It's not likely to be of much excitement or interest to anybody else other than the people that remembered it, or people that are interested in Land Rovers, or people that are interested in old Land Rovers that refuse to steer in a straight line, or people who look upon the Land Rover as the ideal vehicle to give an invalid carriage a run for its money.

Don't get me wrong, it was very good at doing what it was designed to do; go up and down hills, carry man and beast across country, rattle your teeth until they all dropped out, fill your lungs with exhaust fumes, make you deaf, outrun a snail down a drag strip.... In fairness, the design team clearly thought things out carefully.

Let me tell you this, anybody who dares to take that Land Rover where no man has boldly taken it before, i.e. sixty miles per hour (assuming there's a steep enough downhill stretch of road), would be an international hero who'd then go on to become one of the greatest legends of all time.

Anyway I seem to be digressing. The point here is, I remember it very well.... Oh yes.... But I don't have very fond memories of it.

For some reason I can't remember, I borrowed Nick's Landy to go to work in one day. Quite early on I encountered a problem and thought best to notify Nick.

Ring ring, ring ring.

Nick answered the phone in his usual chirpy voice, "Helloooooo."

"Hi Nick, I've had a bit of an accident in your Landy."

Nick in not quite so chirpy voice (actually it was one of those voices that made you feel like a naughty school boy), "Why, what have you gone and done?"

"Well there isn't really much damage to yours mate." (Notice the mate thing? Well you've got to butter people up a bit when you announce you've crashed their car!).

I quickly continue explaining the events.

"It's like this, I woke up this morning, got dressed, then set about going to work. I reversed my car off my driveway and parked it in the road. I then jumped out my car, walked back up the driveway, opened the garage door and reversed the Landy onto the driveway. I then got out, closed the garage door, jumped back in the Landy and reversed it off the driveway."

(Pause for dramatic effect)

"Unfortunately I managed to reverse it straight into my own car!"

All I'm going to say about the incident is, if there's a fight between a Land Rover and a Toyota Celica, I know which one I'd be betting my money on to win!

My neighbour seemed to find it hilarious.



Miss Understood said...

It could have been worse. A friend of mine reversed over his own cat. Killed him outright.

The cat, that is.

ellie said...

Welcome Back! (big cheesy grin)

Oh Dear! I'm so glad it was you who was driving Mike and not a woman... HA! ;)

Steven Novak said...

Welcome Back! (big cheesy grin)

Oh Dear! I'm so glad it was you who was driving Mike and not a woman... HA! ;)

I just copied the comment above me...sorry Mike...I thought it would be funny. ;)


Mike said...

Miss U, It doesn't cost anything when you run over your cat. Your friend definitely had the much better deal.

Ellie, Thanks. You seem to have an inferiority complex regarding women and vehicles. I can fully understand the reasons why.

Steve, you did, did you?

ellie said...

No Mike, I'm not feeling inferior at all, my point was that if a woman had been driving it would have been put down to women being so called useless drivers..... what was your excuse? Ahhhh and accident cos of the useless mirrors ... I see *wink*

Mr Novak can you please write your own material otherwise I will have to enforce the terms of my copyright :)

Mike said...

No really, it was the mirrors. It had in no way what so ever anything remotely to do with any aspect of my driving. I can stand firm on that one.

Peter said...

Thrilling video :). As u can see I am back now and will continue my posting on your blog. What happened at the end of the vid, did he crash lol