Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've Been for A Ride!

As mentioned in the last post, there was hopefully going to be some photos of a jangle this week. Well there's not. I did however go into work on my bike yesterday. With a lovely, almost summer like day, I couldn't resist taking half a day off to go for a blast. For people who know me, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking half a day, isn't that what you normally do?. Well screw you... up the ass... with a big long piece of wood... rough cut for added splinter effect.

Anyway, a great ride it was too, all the way up to Ashbourne and back along the A515 (A favourite road of mine). With not much traffic about, things were flowing well, like the beer on a Friday night. And just like the Saturday morning after a Friday night session, I nearly shit myself on several occasions.

My bike's become twitchy on bumpy bends. It never used to do it. Either the tyres need some air in them, the tyres need replacing, which to be fair, they do as they have a squareness about them our friend Dean Tackleberry would probably masturbate over, or the poor suspension is struggling to cope with my ever increasing waste line.

Which ever, it's a worry.


Rig said...

Great to hear that you have been out on ya bike at last!

Miss Understood said...

Ahh, the wind and sun in your face on an open road...you can't beat it.

But get the bloody bike checked, will you?

Mike said...

Rig, I shall be going out for a ride this afternoon as well. I fancy a run over to Ironbridge. There's a good pork pie shop over there called Eley's. Yummy yummy.

Elaine, are you sure you're not my mum in disguise? lol But thank you for your concerns, really it's not THAT bad, don't panic.

Ant said...

Quote "Really, its not that bad, dont panic" here is a list of other famous last words......

"What's that priest doing here?"

"I can do that with my eyes closed!"

"Nice doggie!"

"What duck?"

"Pull the pin and count to what?"

"He's probably just hibernating"

"It's probably just a rash"

Mike said...

"Aww what cute little fish"

"Excuse me, I'm a tourist and I'm lost"

"We are now flying over Iraq!"

"The ice is safe!"

"They only attack when they're hungry!"

"Me first, Me first"

"The trick with a charging rhino is to stand perfectly still"

"watch this......"

Ah, the list goes on.

Mustang said...

you might want to watch those tires mate...