Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weapons Of Mad Delinquents

(Written by Neil)

I recently suggested to all janglers who were coherent enough to comprehend the conversation that if they sent me their old photos I would attempt to piece together a brief history of how we became the fine upstanding members of the motorcycling community that appear before you now. (Okay stop laughing and get up off the floor).

What lies ahead is a journey not on any tarmac surface but through the annals of our own archives (picture quality courtesy of Kodachrome and dusty attics). A veritable montage of rust buckets, bone shakers and death traps, but each one carving indelible memories of camping trips, breakdowns, fall downs, gravel rash, close shaves and ultimately smiles and high miles.

Don't worry Lone Ranger (Loz), this article is not pointed solely at your endeavours to cross breed a trike with the rear end of a stationary vehicle, however, who could ever forget the poor guys eyes as the twin Cibies (carbs) reared up in his rear view mirror. Hi ho silver...... awaaaay :)

Triumph T110, Yamaha RD200 and the front end of what was soon to become the above mentioned trike. (That's what happens when you go away for a weekend, leaving the kids at home with an angle grinder and an over active imagination. They render this otherwise perfectly functional motorcycle into a Tripodosaurus).

The Tripodosaurus!

Neil and Loz heading off to Snowdon. (Muggings gets to be the luggage rack).

"High speed" thrills at Donnington Moped Mayhem. We lost but hold the record for best wheelie from a Chicken Chaser!

Suzuki VX800. Toured Europe, did standing quarter mile at the Isle of Man, hit the deck down car crash lane but always a solid work horse. Owned in different guises by three of the janglers. Carries a Jangle Jangle five star rating.

Loz showing a natural flair for trials. Yamaha TY250 and 175

The one that got away. This beastie had real potential but was shelved before British Aerospace would endorse it. Probably now in a hanger alongside the TSR 2.

Honda CX500 and VX800 (Both still in circulation).

Honda VFR 400 once owned by Mike. Holds the unofficial record for fasted time from Burntwood to Crazy Daze bike bash down in Kent. Upon arrival Mike was greeted with a can of Newcastle Brown ale then promptly chucked it all back up behind a burger stall.

Suzuki Bandit 600. Another one of Mike's. Tried and tested, still missed to this day.

So there you have it, how to go from teenage mutant delinquent to adolescent adult in a few easy steps; the toys get bigger, the tales get wider and the miles keep rolling in. It only begs the question, if evolution continues along its natural path, what will we be riding in five years? Mines a Nimbus 2000, anyone for the Millennium Falcon?


ellie said...

customised wheelchairs lads? Loz could make you luggage racks for your shopping bags!

Mike said...

Ellie - Less of your lip!!!

neil said...

I'm not so sure this is a bad idea maybe ellie is onto something here.

shopping trolleys, wheels chairs, even a zimmer frame with knobbly tyres .... its got to be better than the scotch egg challenge. 2 laps round castle ring. Winner gets a pint.

Ant said...

Ive got a very recent photo (yesterday!!)of Loz showing off the TYs still very capable abilitys as a trials bike, even if its originally from a time i dont even know!!! (the 70s...well i was born in 77 but it doesnt count...)Mike, the picture should be in your inbox as we speak!! (type even...) :)

Miss Understood said...

Please video the wheelchair challenge!

Mike said...

Ant - The picture you sent doesn't seem to have arrived.

Miss U - It would definitely get videoed.

Ant said...

Mike, i sent it to your Orange account!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I spotted that rare beastie the VX in Hay On Wye, Herefordshire last Sunday. Definately a top bike but only for real bikers! Its gone to sleep for the winter now - sob.
Marvin - hello yellowbelly!

Mike said...

You don't put bikes to sleep for the winter!!!!!!!

neil said...

Anon / Marvin - Glad to see you made it out of the galaxy, how about a few words on your inaugural jangle? you send me the text and I'll add the pictures.
PS jangle food is suppossed to be cheap, fair play though Sunday Carvery , like your style.

Mike - the words pot and kettle spring to mind , thought winnie had been put down never mind gone into hybernation :-)

Marvin said...

OK Neil will give a summary of trying to wrestle the VX around twisty welsh roads whilst keeping in the same county as yourself at the same time.
Hello Loz, see there is life after death! And the VX has to sleep in the winter - after all it doesnt do rain, cold, dark etc etc

neil said...

VX for proper bikers, best you watch out for your youngest then. I would keep your keys close to hand else you may come home to an empty space in the garage.

Jaime said...

Suzuki Bandit, japanese quality and stability with a great design. I had the GSF1200N and it always impressed me how much the bike insurance was. for the power I would have thought you would need to pay more as you do with car insurance.